19 - 20 February, 2019
Dubai, UAE

Said Amara

Procurement Process Automation Strategy & Planning Lead

10:00 AM #AUTOMATIONFAIL: How to avoid the top 10 pitfalls when launching your RPA Strategy: Early prevention to avoid being one of the 30-50% of RPA implementation projects that fail

RPA is one of the most exciting new technologies to have emerged in the past few years. The technology‘s ability to generate quick ROI has made it an attractive investment for CTOs across the globe. Nevertheless, most companies have met major roadblocks when launching, with many rollouts failing miserably.
In this session, we will examine:
Examples of the most common pitfalls:
  • Lack of preparation, how to develop a critical detailed strategy in advance for a successful RPA adoption
  • Lack of adequate communication, Which channels are the most effective ones for clear communication
  • Not defining new roles, how RPA will cause a shift within the organisation and defines new roles for employees due to new tasks and workflow

3:00 PM ONSTAGE INTERVIEW: Biggest internal challenges & opportunities of implementing RPA into your existing business process

  • Identifying important steps to be considered while your implementation phase of RPA
  • Which departments will face problems while applying RPA into their system for the first time?
  • Into which department does your RPA program suits the best?

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