19 - 20 February, 2019
Dubai, UAE

Tayfun Topkoc

Group Chief Digital Officer

9:30 AM RPA LEADERS PANEL: Humans vs. Machines: Addressing emerging trends and being prepared a new digital workforce through RPA and AI: How to overcome internal fear and embrace the benefits of transformative technologies

Key Question: How can companies create a positive response from employees?
Focus: When introducing the implementation of a large-scale RPA program, it is important to define the extent and impact of change on employee roles, responsibilities and new training programs for success.
Senior Leadership should therefore acknowledge:
  • How to educate and train the organisation in RPA
  • How to measure successful acceptance of RPA by the employees
  • What kind of new positions will appear in the whole workforce to support RPA?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tayfun.

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